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21, Skorpion, Colombia, Colombia
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Sugu Naine
Mind huvitavad Mehed
Vanus 21
Pikkus 160 - 170 cm
Kaal 45 - 55 kg
Juuksed Punapea
Silmad Pruunid
Etniline päritolu Latiino/Hispaanlane
Keeled Hispaania, Inglise
Kodulinn Colombia
Häbemekarvad Raseeritud
Rinnapartii Keskmine
Tagumik Keskmine
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I have a fantasy:
I will describe my real scene of my fantasy: being in a bus station on the cold night, waiting for his arrival, while time passes, a fairly attractive man approaches, that generates enough things in my body, he knows What I feel and I also notice it quite excited just to see me, it was an immediate sexual connection; Once the bus arrives, I enter first and take my rear and squeeze, I felt too pleasure, walk around the hall until I reached the last seat, and he sits next to me; In hidden I start touching it little by little, until you arrive his penis, he also touches me little by little, we both could not control ourselves and just got on top of him, we made them until not stopped, with the adrenaline of knowing that everyone was seeing; I know that he was about to end up not wanting to take off and let him end up inside me and I will end at the same time.
I am a person who enjoys life, I love exercising, I like to feel good about myself and be the best version of me; I also enjoy dance, even if I don't create it, I can make interesting types of dances hehe; One of my favorite things is to go for a walk, sit in a quiet place and read erotic books, while I feel how I get little by little and breathe the fresh air of nature.
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The people who are rude
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Hi guys!
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